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Remo Salvadori

Remo Salvadori

Continuo Infinito Presente
27 Oct 2017 - 17 Feb 2018

Remo Salvadori has been the subject of the inaugural exhibition at art space BUILDING (27 October 2017 – 17 February 2018). The solo exhibition extends throughout the four floors of the via Monte di Pietà site, with the idea of creating a symbiosis between the space and the works inside it and a harmony between observer and object.

Through Salvadori’s site specific pieces, the perception of the architecture changes, establishing a ‘continuous infinite present’ between the context and the works. Throughout their journey, which began in 1973, the works have sought to create a dialogue between form and material, time and space, lightness and weight, action and observation.

Their relationship with gravity, matter and the solidity and fragility of materials (not an oxymoron or illusion, but a tangible outcome), emerges in new compositions, open and balanced, regular and irregular, which are the fruit of a knowledge, of a composition and of a mathematical discipline, practised from the outset. The viewer may associate these with an alchemical metamorphosis: the seven metals are crafted so that they change in nature and appearance. “Getting to know the seven metals requires time and is still at the start.

It is a journey filled with questions, an extra space, a score, correlations… the nature of the substance. Seeing oneself and seeing in the moment…” explains Remo Salvadori, who has established a rapport and dialogue with the metals, like weaving and carving on a pentagram, whose language includes the seven musical notes.

If the concepts of metamorphosis and alchemy evoke Baroque principles, the outcome in Salvadori’s works is a vital harmony of proportions, geometry and of a purposeful and intense metaphysical reworking.

Viewing the works on display (synthesis of a long meditation that began in 1973 and continues today) invites reflection on the present and future of art, in a dimension that is knowingly timeless and at the same time, current: “It is really an idea of the work’s vitality, of the work as a place around which energy gathers and where an experience can be had, an intimate and dynamic exchange with the viewer”.