Hanakam & Schuller

The duo Hanakam & Schuller researches and investigates the nature of the image in the era of digital production. The novelty in our global society is the ease with which information is shared by individual citizens, who go from being ‘consumers of products’ to ‘producers of services’. Therefore, in the videos, sculptures and installations by the two artists, the starting point is the reaction to the false democratization of knowledge, and a reflection on both the aesthetics and mythology of new media modalities, and the actual role that the artistic message has played in its evolution from the Middle Ages to today” – Lorenzo Bruni

Many of the artifacts of Markus Hanakam (Essen, Germany, 1979) and Roswitha Schuller (Friesach, Austria, 1984), an artist duo that lives in Wien, are shapeshifters, changing their outer form and then reappearing in a variety of contexts. As artists and explorers, Hanakam & Schuller redesign the rules of the fine arts for their own purposes and create unconventional arrangements and new world designs in videos and objects.