Flashbacks – 11. Daniele Marzorati

30.09.2022 – 15.10.2022

BUILDINGBOX presents, from 9 April 2022 to 9 January 2023, Flashbacks, an exhibition curated by Alice Montanini that retraces the most important stages of BUILDING’s artistic research and promotion, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of its birth.

Roberto Ciaccio. Soglie del tempo

08.09.2022 – 15.10.2022

From September 8th to October 15th, 2022, BUILDING presents the exhibition Roberto Ciaccio. Soglie del tempo curated by Francesco Tedeschi, with the active involvement of the Roberto Ciaccio Archive, Maria Pia and Silvia Ciaccio in particular.
The exhibition gathers more than forty works created between 1994 and 2011, highly conceptual abstract pieces that reference the main themes of Ciaccio’s oeuvre, in particular the notion of threshold, as an atmosphere and an elusive form of the transition between a ‘here’ and an ‘elsewhere’, and that of temporality, as an attempt to capture the relationship between instant and existence.