Yuval Avital


Born in Jerusalem in 1977 and living in Milan Yuval Avital is multimedia artist, composer and guitarist. He is known for his exhibitions, collective mass-sonic performances, iconic-sonic operas, complex multimedia works and for the development of technological projects made with the contribution of artificial intelligence in public spaces, industrial archeology sites, theaters and museums, challenging the traditional categories that separate the arts: his transdisciplinary works cross the frontiers on the most varied artistic categories and were presented both in the largest opera theatres and in museums and art foundations. His entire production is often linked to a multimedia-theatrical and ‘total work’ conception.

Each of Avital’s artworks is a unique experiential, poetic and emotional microcosm with its own identity, fruit of a meticulous research carried out in a carefully coded language, looking for creating a contemporary ritual.


ICON-SONIC POSTCARDS N.2 – POSTCARDS FROM ROME – December 2018 – December 2019: aoneyearlonglarge scale art show in the Museum of Contemporary Art Rome MACRO ASILO exploring the roman territory through the voice of its habitants; including numerous performances, art actions, visuals, flash mobs which will conclude into an immersive icon-sonic installation.

VARIATIONS ON HARMONIC TREMOR – National Science and Technology Museum Leonardo da Vinci, Milan, 2017: solo exhibition composed of 427 prints, 8 multimedia works and a new Sound-Sculpture Cuore dell’Etna.

OPEN FENCE – EastEndStudios, Milan, June 21st, 2017: a massive Sound-Sculpture (biggest in Italy), of 320 tubular bells, 64 meters long and 4 meters high, playable by 80 visitors simultaneously. 

THREE GRADES OF FOREIGNNESS – Fabbrica del Cioccolato Art Foundation, Switzerland 2017: a 1000 mq solo exhibition composed of three installations and various artworks on the complex relationship between Man and Nature. The major installation, “Foreign Bodies”, is a polyptych of 7 parallel projections 21 loudspeakers and of over 8 hours of film and 9 of soundtracks, entirely realized by the artist.

ALMA MATER – Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan 2015: realized with the endorsement of Expo 2015 e in collaboration with Michelangelo Pistoletto. Considered the largest sound installation in Italian history till now, the artwork covers an area of 1200sqm with a forest of 140 special loudspeakers created in different shapes and materials by Architettura Sonora, projected performances by elder female étoiles from La Scala and live performances of traditional lacemakers, including an especially-created floating light sculptures by Enzo Catellani.


Yuval is renowned for his “Massive Sonic Works”, large-scale musical creations that involve numerous performers from different realities, from classical musicians to masters of ancient traditions, to crowds of non-musicians in the creation of the “Crowd Music Ensembles”. 

Termed by Avital himself in 2011, the name refers to the crowd as a huge anti-choir and is based on the active participation of a big public, heterogeneous and not necessarily made of even amateur musicians, guided by graphic and verbal scores of easy understanding. These compositions – that are almost a sonic ritual – give birth to an immersive experience, holophonic and heterophonic. To this group of works belong:

REQUIEM MONUMENTALE – Monumental Cemetery of Milan, May 14th, 2017: an event that includes two parallel scores, one for an marching brass band of 100 elements and the other for a choir of 14 independent voices, commissioned to celebrate the 150th anniversary of theMonumental Cemetery of Milan.

REKA – V.1 – Warsaw Autumn Festival & MiTo SettembreMusica Milan, 2014; V.2 – Teatro Comunale Valli, Festival Aperto, Reggio Emilia 2016: for 6 traditional vocal masters, 2 percussions and 2 crowd music ensembles – the first of hundreds of voices and the second of percussionists.

GARON – ending event of the Dirty Corner installation by Anish Kapoor, Milan, 2012 – for 45 tubas, 6 percussions, 3 opera directors, choir and live electronics.

Yuval has created and realized six “Icon-Sonic operas”, compositions of a strong multimedia layering characterized by the tight co-existence of scores, various types of electronic and electro-acoustic music, strong visual components and theatrical elements.  In these creations the artist finds a perfect synchrony between the original paradigm of the founders of renaissance opera, interpreted as ideal extension of the multimedia ritual of the Greek tragedy, and the credo of Wagner’s Total Opera.

Among Avital’s icon-sonic operas figure:

GIOBBE – Terme di Diocleziano, Rome, 2018: icon-sonic opera for musical ensemble, 5 vocal soloists, two narrators, three traditional singers of the monotheistic religions, parallel video projections and a silent interview.

MONUMENTAL REQUIEM – Monumental Cemetery of Milan, May 14th, 2017: for a band of 100 brass instruments and the second for a chorus of soloists for 14 voices, commissioned to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Monumental Cemetery of Milan. 

FUGA PERPETUA in collaboration with the United Nations (UNHCR), Teatro Comunale “L. Pavarotti”, Modena, 2016; Brighton Festival; NEAT Festival Nottingham, 2016 and Tel Aviv Museum, 2017, Musiktheater im Revier,Gelsenkirchen, 2019:The opera, composed for an ensemble, is an immersive 32-channels sound installation that includes a vocal crowd and projections and refugees.

Yuval Avital is the founder of Magà Global Arts performing arts factory. Since 2018 Yuval is an Ambassador of the Third Paradise Movement, founded by Michelangelo Pistoletto.