Remo Salvadori
Continuo infinito presente
Oct 27th 2017  —  Feb 17th 2018

Remo Salvadori offers a reconceived expression of the work of art, characterized by infinitesimal variants, alchemical mutations, ebbs and flows in consciousness.

His guiding principle is a laic sacredness that affirms the positive nature of existence and the internal harmony that accords the living being with the world and its materiality, which is, for him, simultaneously and inextricably physical and spiritual. The purpose of his art is thus to identify pockets of energy in which this materiality reveals itself, and conveys to us an awareness of our lives in the world.

He sketches out harmonious cycles where basic elements interact, like water, color, and the seven metals: lead, tin, iron, copper, mercury, silver, and gold, which determine their own forms, oscillating between basic chemistry and complex alchemy. His sculptural work takes the form of families of figures that evolve according to a slow and conscious process of maturation. He articulates the relationships between work/observer, fullness/emptiness, horizontal/vertical, offering an exploration of unprecedented visual horizons, generated by the combination of figures.

Salvadori has shown his work in important museums across Italy and Europe, and over the past few decades has participated in several major international exhibitions, such as the Venice Biennale (1982, 1986, 1993) and Documenta, Kassel (1982, 1992).


BUILDING, in the heart of Milan, has been created with the aim of exploring aspects of artistic enquiry and weaving a texture made up of different forms of expression. It is an exhibition space that will host visual, performing and applied arts, installations and design.
BUILDING’s purpose is not just to highlight the work of well-known international figures, but also to dedicate space to ad hoc projects involving emerging talents

BUILDING nel cuore di Milano è stato concepito allo scopo di esplorare aspetti delle ricerche visive, tendendo all'idea di una possibile texture tra linguaggi differenti; un luogo progettato per esposizioni, che ospiterà arti visive, performative e applicate, installazioni e design.
L'intenzione di BUILDING non è solo quella di presentare affermati protagonisti internazionali, ma altresì di dedicare progetti ad hoc ai talenti emergenti

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